We have many years’ experience of advising clients on workplace investigations and on disciplinary and grievance processes. We have led independent investigations on challenging and sensitive issues including allegations of workplace harassment and bullying. An investigation into a grievance or a disciplinary issue needs to happen quickly and it needs to be thorough. When in-house teams don’t have capacity, or where the issues are particularly confidential or sensitive, we can help.

We will:

  • be impartial and independent
  • ensure that everyone involved in the investigation understands the process and is treated fairly and with respect
  • maintain confidentiality throughout and only discuss our work on the investigation with the contact(s) agreed with you

In terms of our process we will:

  • agree the scope of the investigation with you before we take any steps
  • identify and interview witnesses including, as appropriate, the alleged perpetrator / employee who has raised a grievance
  • identify and review any other forms of evidence such as employment records, emails, text messages and/or CCTV recordings – always taking into account any data protection / GDPR issues
  • review relevant company policies and/or workplace guidelines
  • provide a clear, comprehensive written report to present our findings of fact once we are satisfied that all reasonable lines of enquiry have been followed
  • not make any recommendations for future action unless you ask us to

Due to the confidential nature of the work, testimonials from clients on investigations we have conducted on their behalf are not included here. Specific references are however available on request.